Are Electricians Taken For Granted?



DISCLAIMER: The Trades Nation legal team lacks our amazing sense of humor and has asked us to point out that we don't endorse or condone any of the unsafe behaviors depicted here - it's just for laughs. Please follow all safety, PPE and other guidelines. Stay safe out there, friends.




Electricians are a rare breed. We put ourselves in harm's way with a level of expertise most other pros only dream about. 


Seriously, we know the work we do is essential. We’re essential. And awesome, too.


Maybe it's worth putting together a top-10 list with reasons.



1. We're thorough. 




Gotta make sure it holds together. We add our own twist (or zip-tie) to every job, making sure that it'll work. Forever.



2. We're resourceful.





We innovate, especially when it counts. Our biggest tool is our brain, whether we're minimizing trips to the van or bending conduit. 


Which brings us to our next strength...



3. We problem-solve.




In real time. Our job is a constant thread of obstacles that need to be addressed. Luckily we thrive on finding those solutions and making them work.


We can only accomplish this because...



4. We're organized.




With a vast array of specialized tools, materials, and expertise, how else could we deliver results? Through thorough organization, of course. Sometimes. Usually. For the most part.


We do what we do so...



4. We can keep you safe.




To all those Do It Yourselfers: sometimes you shouldn't do it yourself. Just trust us. 


Really, we enjoy what we do and don't mind people. 



5. We're friendly




You'll see - chat us up.


Just not while we’re working.


And buy us a beer! Because...



6. We're thrifty. 





Because we invest in the things that matter. For you, the customer, of course. 


Plus, if you get to know us, you'll understand...



7. We're good at everything, really.




Particularly light "de-construction". Demolition, to point a finer point on it.


If you haven't noticed....



8. We're funny.





It takes a unique person to thrive in this industry, and we're aware that it's the best type of person. The kind with a good sense of humor. 


In addition, we have other qualities, ones that really matter on the job site, too....



9. We're meticulous.




You know how it goes: measure once, cut twice. Right?


Last but not least....



10. We're ambitious.



We're probably the most industrious crowd out there. It takes a lot of physical and mental effort to do what we do, and it shows. 




Why do you think electricians are taken for granted? Share one of your own memes below.