Move Over, Electrical Tape



As industry professionals we're always on the lookout for new methods, particularly those that may prove to be better than outdated ones. 


We linked up with some product managers over at IDEAL Electrical and discussed their simple yet hugely time-saving and useful product: the ArmourBand.


Please note this is a sponsored post, so we hope you'll chime in if you have experiences with the product or intend on trying it.



Ideal ArmourBand on outlet




We all do countless repetitive tasks on the jobsite each day, so we have a soft spot for making efficient work as easy as possible. 


It’s also critical that the quality of our work is never compromised at the cost of efficiency.


These types of problems require innovative tools and sometimes even specialized solutions. The ArmourBand is the answer to one of the particularly tedious and repetitive tasks residential electricians go through on a regular basis: taping receptacles.


The process of taping a receptacle may only take 20-30 seconds in total for an experienced tradesperson. However, when you break down the number of outlets and switches in one build, that's a notable amount of time spent on this one specific task. We all have our off days, so it's worth noting that this method also leaves room for a wide margin of error if done hastily.


Here's a video of a highly experienced electrician quickly taping a receptacle in perfect conditions...




To refine this chore, the ArmourBand acts as a simple yet very effective solution. It’s also reusable, so if rewiring or tightening terminals is necessary we don’t have to re-tape – just pop it off, and back on again.



The ingenuity of the ArmourBand is its simplicity. It is proven tool that many pre-fab contractors factor into the cost of their builds. This is not only because of the time benefit, but also the upgraded safety factor that comes with a correctly insulated receptacle every time, regardless of how quickly the application was made.


Here's a clip of the same electrician using an ArmourBand in less than half the time....




As a clean, reusable solution to traditional electrical tape application, the ArmourBand can be applied twice as fast as tape even by an unexperienced hand. The thickness is equal to about six thorough wraps of electrical tape, and it’s 33% wider for better coverage. Since the silicone material is non-slip and very flexible, it’s easy to apply and durable in a range of extreme temperatures.



Does the ArmourBand sound like something that would make your life easier? Or are you a die-hard electrical tape fan?