International Women's Day




Happy International Women's Day to all the tradeswomen out there! Today we celebrate accordingly by amplifying the voices of remarkable women. 






Female owned and operated and thriving in Toronto, Canada, the ladies over at Venus are always busy with making your bathrooms, kitchens, and basements functional and beautiful. With a sharp eye for quality and detail, they aspire to take the intimidation and chaos out of the renovations process, helping develop a rapport with each customer to better understand their vision.







A Canadian horse-whisperer with boundless enthusiasm encompassing all things plumbing, Laura works on both residential and commercial applications in the greater Toronto area. Offering useful tidbits of information via her YouTube channel, part of her passion is also sharing her expertise with us. 







The Red Seal Occupational Standard is the recognized certification for professional industrial mechianics in Canada, and Kate works within this challenging space. A millwright may work on extraordinarily complicated industrial and mechanical equipment, both on the assembly and repair sides, and requires extensive experience in welding, cutting, rigging, and even machining. In addition, they’re experts at interpreting schematics and problem-solving in real world situations. Her oath is “Never Stop Learning”, which truly encompasses why she continues to thrive in this career.







Hailing from Arkansas, Nikita Fletcher finds time to work on her Trans Am, her C3 Corvette, and Mustangs (that’s plural) all while living fully off-the-grid in a classic school bus. Additionally, she’s a jewelry creator, working with small and delicate pieces after wrenching on American muscle cars. She’s truly an inspiration on living a balanced and wildly interesting life.








5th year IBEW electrical apprentice, podcaster, wine enthusiast. Genny does it all, specializing as an industrial electrician while moonlighting as a budding sommelier. From her flawless conduit bending to the latest gossip, she’s one to follow on all her channels, and we’re definitely here for it.








Louise is determined to better the world, and does so by empowering women in the trades. She is the voice of countless females as they tackle challenges in their trades, helping encourage healthy mindsets as well as promoting career excellence. Follow her podcast if you’re interested in learning more about facilitating change in male-dominated industries, and join her Facebook community if you’d like to be part of the movement.








This purple-haired sixteen year old wunderkind is in the midst of restoring a classic Ford Falcon. Her build has involved countless hours part sourcing, bodywork, engine overhaul, and paint. With innovation and passion, follow her as she brings new life to vintage cars.








Our friend from up north in Vancouver, Kendra was a certified first year electrical apprentice before she even graduated high school. She was intrigued by the career as early as fifth grade, when she practiced with battery operated circuits and began down this respected career path. She focuses on being dynamic and innovative in the job sector, and has stated, “Be willing to learn, or be prepared to be replaced.”






If you’re looking for connection and inspiration, trades_women_of_ig is the perfect place to start. See countless female professionals showcased in their element, and delve into how-to pages, job listings, tips & tricks, and educational links here as well.




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